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high quality EPAL pаlets!

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We are certified to the international quality standards in our industry - a true testament to the indisputable professionalism and quality production we produce!


Production of eco pellets
for burning

Throughout the civilized world, renewable energy sources, such as wood and other plant materials treated as fuel briquettes or pellets, are increasingly being used for heating. Unlike conventional firewood, the production of wood or peat briquettes uses modern technology based on the fragmentation of the material to a homogeneous mass and subsequent pressing at extremely high pressure, resulting in fuel pellets - pellets or briquettes, also known as biofuels.

The main indicators of the pellets we produce:

Calorific value

5.2 kwh

Moisture content


Ash content 


What makes us better than the competition:

The best quality 

By choosing Koshol-1 as your trusted partner, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality and price!

A trusted business partner

We hold on to our partners! With us you can be sure that you will always receive timely and quality deliveries of the ordered production!

We are developing at a rapid pace

We are a company that strives to develop technologically. We are constantly updating and expanding our product and production line.


Production of euro pallets

Pallets allow you to efficiently and carefully store cargo and quickly replace old container forms such as crates, boxes, barrels. The use of pallets in freight traffic allows the formation of increased cargo units. This is inconvenient for transporting goods in small containers or in bulk, which increases loading and unloading time and makes it difficult to fix the truck during transport, it may break and become unusable.




Made by standard, quality coniferous wood.


Eco pellets 

High quality pellets for burning. Made entirely of wood and wood chips.


Wood material

Timber of proven origin and quality. Large variety of sizes.

  Frequently Asked Questions

There are no minimum order quantities - you just pay for transport to the location you specify.

We produce pellets of 100% wood - 80% pine and 20% beech. Our pellets are extremely high quality, calorie free and without any ash and inorganic contaminants.

We produce different sizes and types of pallets. For more information here.

Our production base is located in Kostandovo, Rakitovo municipality. 

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